Orick Vacuum Cleaner

Fed up with lugging a heavyweight vacuum cleaner around the house and up the stairs? The incredible Orick XL vacuum cleaners are light as a feather weighing only 8 lbs with extremely powerful suction and cleaning power.

Orick XL Vacuum Cleaners

You can try the Orick XL vacuum cleaner for 30 days risk free. With three different models to choose from, the Orick has been designed for the suit the home or office at a budget you can afford.

Orick Air Purifiers

The Orick Super Air 8 Professional Air Purifier has been designed to provide high efficiency filtration using electrostatic precipitation. Allergy sufferrers can benefit from Orick air purfiers providing cleaner air with bacteria, pollution and dust removed thus creating a clean breathing environment.

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Free Iron for Trying the Orick Vacuum Cleaner

The Oreck XL2 ULTRA Vacuum Cleaner - built to last with a 7 year warranty! Try it in your own home RISK FREE for 30 days.
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